oh momma.

Oh momma how I love you. You’re my best friend and my closest confidant. My momma is like glitter, alway shining bright but you can never seem to get rid of her. She is brave and fearlessly bold in how she loves others. She may be blind but she sees me in a way no one else can, it’s kinda maria and molly thing. Oh, how my momma is gorgeous and a dancing queen. She may even be a better dancer than me, but I’ll rarely admit that. My momma is funny as hell! Yes, I’m finally admitting it, even when I am having my darkest days she will always be the light who illuminates my heart. When she isn’t at home it just feels like a house. Oh, my momma loves me so much as do I love her. This blog is somewhat out of the blue, but it doesn’t have to be mother’s day to show off your momma. You’re the reason why I work hard and have high goals and ambitions. Thanks for being my ggb, love you now & forever.

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  1. Frances says:

    You are such a bright light to your Mother. She must be very proud of how hard you are working. Good Luck with school and follow your dreams. By the way, I love your writing. That was such a romantic piece about your boyfriend too. Good Luck


  2. Amy says:

    This is beautiful and very well written. Xx


  3. Girl Gone Blind® says:

    Reblogged this on Girl Gone Blind and commented:
    My daughter has a way with words, thoughts, and feelings. When she puts them together to create a heartfelt blog – comparing me to glitter – it’s priceless. ❤️ I love my Molly Mo!


  4. myra says:

    she is a lucky girl to have you as a glittery mama…i feel you have always been like that and that was the reason i loved you so much..the love is still there but now infused to a go get it attitude, humor and absolutely no whining…..molly is a chip off of the ole block…molly you got all her good genes

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